Definition of telepath in English:



  • A person with the ability to use telepathy.

    • ‘I can't think of any reason why she would see colors with thoughts unless… ‘You are a telepath and an empath?’’
    • ‘Desi has the power of a telekinetic, perhaps a telepath too.’
    • ‘I am working to be a telekinetic and a telepath, but I am no healer.’
    • ‘She didn't need to be a telepath or an empath to know that.’
    • ‘Ever considered what happens when a telepath can't control their abilities?’
    • ‘Her telepathy would let her instruct him and like all other telepaths, would allow her to get a basic read on his thoughts.’
    • ‘Unbeknownst to him, Andrew was a repressed telepath; having absolutely no idea what kind of abilities he could wield with a little training.’
    • ‘You can't be a telepath, or I would sense the ability in you.’
    • ‘Even if his actions were on a subconscious level, as a telepath, he held himself to a higher standard.’
    • ‘The sound ascended as they rose to their feet, followed by a pressure wave of joyous thoughts that nearly oversaturated the telepath.’
    • ‘As a telepath, she could technically read a refugee's every thought, but her morality forbade this intrusion.’
    • ‘He was a bit of a telepath himself, able to transmit thoughts and read minds.’
    • ‘For a telepath there's always a background sense of sentient thoughts around you.’
    • ‘In the novel, written in 1946, genetically-advanced telepaths called ‘slans’ are persecuted by ordinary folks and targeted for death.’
    • ‘We're telepaths; we can pick up on stuff like that.’
    • ‘Quietly, the two telepaths found a small space where they could sit back to back, the contact with another psychic enhancing and refining the raw powers of their minds.’
    • ‘But at least the original series had vigor, whimsy, and raw emotion, not just bloodless ethical commitments and busty telepaths.’
    • ‘Imagine we discovered that there were telepaths living among us, people who could undetectably read our minds, in a way that we couldn't block.’
    • ‘Apparently, he was talking through one of the telepaths to someone.’
    • ‘Somewhere out there, telepaths had linked the sleeping minds of the team.’


Late 19th century (as a verb, meaning ‘to use telepathy’): back-formation from telepathy.