Definition of telephone directory in English:

telephone directory


  • A book listing the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the people in a particular area.

    • ‘Imagine you are looking for a name in a telephone directory, but you can't remember its exact spelling.’
    • ‘You can find these phone numbers and addresses in your telephone directory.’
    • ‘German officers were forced to dial private suburban addresses from the Berlin telephone directory.’
    • ‘I found his surname and address in the telephone directory and rang the number.’
    • ‘She suspects recipients' names and addresses have been picked randomly from an outdated telephone directory.’
    • ‘At the end of the book there is a book of emergency telephone numbers, a telephone directory and a map.’
    • ‘We refer, of course, to the telephone directory.’
    • ‘Armed only with a telephone and a telephone directory, Jones began cold calling.’
    • ‘In recent times the telephone directory has become one of the most useful reference books.’
    • ‘Also, many people choose to be ex-directory - that is, they have taken action for their telephone numbers not to appear in a telephone directory.’
    • ‘I have refused to have my telephone number taken out of the telephone directory.’
    • ‘He looked through a telephone directory and found Chris's address.’
    • ‘It's probable that nearly all the houses in this prosperous suburb have fixed-line telephones, but it may be that a larger number than is usual are not listed in the telephone directory.’
    • ‘Tens of thousands of York people recently received a new telephone directory - and a scratch card offering the chance to win up to £25,000.’
    • ‘And there is a dire need for a common telephone directory.’
    • ‘He must have got my number from the telephone directory.’
    • ‘I might use a telephone directory or visit the shops.’
    • ‘Alternatively, they can write directly to their water company, whose address can be found on a water bill or in the telephone directory.’
    • ‘Check the telephone directory for local emergency phone numbers and post these phone numbers by all telephones.’
    • ‘I can't remember, for example, the last time I used a telephone directory.’


telephone directory