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telephone exchange

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  • A set of equipment that connects telephone lines during a call.

    ‘You might have to use the latter if you live in a rural area and are connected to an analog telephone exchange.’
    • ‘To be able to access ADSL, you must usually live within between 2.5 and 4 kilometres of a telephone exchange and your phone line must be tested for broadband compatibility.’
    • ‘I don't believe their reasoning is very relevant, particularly for those able to still connect to copper broadband at their local telephone exchange.’
    • ‘The local loop is the copper connection between a local telephone exchange and a customer's premise.’
    • ‘He learned how to send Morse Code and how to operate a 10-line telephone exchange.’
    • ‘He worked for the New Zealand Post and Telegraph Department as an exchange operator, then a mechanician in the automatic telephone exchange, and later with a fire alarm company.’
    • ‘Your computer or a special module connected to your network sends your request over the internet to the computer or telephone exchange you are attempting to contact.’
    • ‘Examples of this include instances when the failure of a telephone exchange causes the entire phone system in a suburb to stop working.’
    • ‘The latest telephone exchange to be upgraded to broadband has been announced.’
    • ‘He said: ‘We have put in a hi-tech telephone exchange but we have a very lo-tech connection to the main system.’’
    • ‘The sun powers 20 computers, a water-testing laboratory, a rural telephone exchange and the night schools.’
    • ‘Electronic communications were badly disrupted, and the Katherine telephone exchange was only saved through sandbagging by the military.’
    • ‘The hi-tech concept is partly inspired by memories of the old telephone exchange, when directory inquiry calls were answered by somebody living in the same town.’
    • ‘The central telephone exchange had been wrecked and oddly none of the radios worked.’
    • ‘Reports arrived to say incendiaries had set fire to the top of the telephone exchange and once again stirrup pumps and buckets of water were rushed upstairs where the ceiling above the equipment was burning steadily.’
    • ‘Apparently, the military used the ordinary telephone exchange right up until the day of the surrender; it was more secure than using radio communications.’
    • ‘‘Local loop’ refers to the strand of copper wire that runs from a local telephone exchange to a customer and then back to the exchange, thus forming a loop.’
    • ‘The local telephone exchange was also destroyed.’
    • ‘Not surprising seeing that the 25,000 tickets for the game were sold out in three hours and the rush caused a malfunction at the local telephone exchange.’
    • ‘It was a strange kind of existence working in a telephone exchange in those days, there were twelve of us maintaining this huge machine that was constantly clicking and buzzing.’


telephone exchange

/ˈteləˌfōn əksˌCHānj/ /ˈtɛləˌfoʊn əksˌtʃeɪndʒ/