Definition of telephone pole in English:

telephone pole


  • A tall pole used to carry telephone wires and other utility lines above the ground.

    British term telegraph pole

    ‘Picture a neighborhood of houses that all have cable modems and share the single split cable line coming from the telephone pole at the end of the block.’
    • ‘In other words, after warming up for ten minutes, sprint at breakneck speed for an indeterminate period of time toward an arbitrary goal, such as the end of the next block, or that third telephone pole.’
    • ‘The herbal companies took full advantage of their discovery, and tacked signs on every telephone pole offering to buy roots from diggers desperate for money.’
    • ‘A car, which had been going into their general direction, slammed it's brakes and twisted into a telephone pole, narrowing missing them both.’
    • ‘She suddenly falters and grips a telephone pole.’
    • ‘One magnificent bird sat astonishingly near - atop a telephone pole - while we eyed him, until at last he lifted his wings and soared off.’
    • ‘He swerved reflexively, right into a telephone pole.’
    • ‘The airplane collided with trees and a telephone pole.’
    • ‘As was his habit, he piled the snow on the sides of the driveway, in particular around the telephone pole that is on the right-hand side of our driveway.’
    • ‘His car spun out of control, ramming into a telephone pole.’
    • ‘The first thing that caught his eye was a silver and scarlet school banner that hung from a nearby telephone pole like a great freedom-flag.’
    • ‘I also spotted a European Starling with an amazing throat pouch singing atop a telephone pole, which really took me by surprise.’
    • ‘The driver jammed his feet on the brakes, causing the car to veer sideways and shudder into a stop before crashing into a nearby telephone pole.’
    • ‘The firefighters stared up at a telephone pole on the corner.’
    • ‘Upon her return, Susanna had accidentally dented the car a little by running into a telephone pole while attempting to park.’
    • ‘He stops on a corner and leans wearily against a telephone pole.’
    • ‘The car got to the bottom of the hill and hit a telephone pole.’
    • ‘He stumbled through the snow to catch himself on nearby telephone pole.’
    • ‘I started to cry again, and rested my head against a nearby telephone pole.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, I didn't see the looming telephone pole in front of me and barreled right into it.’


telephone pole

/ˈteləfōn ˌpōl/ /ˈtɛləfoʊn ˌpoʊl/