Definition of teleplay in English:



  • A play written or adapted for television.

    ‘The stories finally were published in book form - without first being written as teleplays, which had been his habit until then.’
    • ‘Adam is taken with Jacie and decides to write a teleplay for her.’
    • ‘He was graduated with honors from Oxford, ran unsuccessfully for Parliament in 1964, then began writing teleplays.’
    • ‘Robert Redford is executive producer, and James Redford adapted the novel into a teleplay.’
    • ‘The Movie reunites most of the original cast, in a teleplay by Finkelstein.’
    • ‘‘Casino Royale’ the teleplay is in high-contrast black and white.’
    • ‘The teleplay also radically changes the character of the young female researcher who's also working on the reservation.’
    • ‘This teleplay even flirts a bit with sexual attraction between the two.’
    • ‘But when meshed all together into a teleplay, they seem to work surprisingly well.’
    • ‘For example, many news reports, films and teleplays he has seen have contained mistakes.’
    • ‘Plutus in modern times appears endlessly in different forms such as in teleplays, dancing, and in computer games.’
    • ‘You want to give your name and money to a teleplay of high quality, not just a trashy-popular, right?’
    • ‘Had you read ‘Fatal Vision’ or seen the teleplay with Karl Malden?’
    • ‘The teleplay begins as a simulated documentary about the impact of a nuclear strike on Sheffield, but ends up as a coolly Bergmanesque vision of a literal hell on earth.’
    • ‘When I was taking a teleplay class, I was told to avoid voice-over.’



/ˈteləˌplā/ /ˈtɛləˌpleɪ/