Definition of telesthesia in English:



(British telaesthesia)
  • The supposed perception of distant occurrences or objects by means other than the known senses.

    ‘I prefer telethetic and telethesia to telemetry because the word telemetry is also used by the armed forces to describe a mechanical means of gathering long range data.’
    • ‘The apparatus is one of telethesia.’
    • ‘The everyday experience of geography is now also a collective experience of the virtual geography of global media events as the world-making and world-disclosing vectors of the television, telephone and tele-satellite uplinks make telethesia - perception at a distance - an integral part of late twentieth century ‘human’ faculties and capabilities.’



/ˌteləsˈTHēZH(ē)ə/ /ˌtɛləsˈθiʒ(i)ə/ /ˌteləsˈTHēzēə/ /ˌtɛləsˈθiziə/


Late 19th century from tele- + Greek aisthēsis ‘perception’.