Definition of teletypewriter in English:



  • A teleprinter.

    • ‘Many of those machines had only a few kilobytes of memory; disk storage was equally scant; the standard means of communicating with the computer was a hard-copy teletypewriter or a text-only video terminal.’
    • ‘Field telephones and teleprinters (teletypewriters), using land lines or temporary wire, were also used extensively, especially in the rear areas.’
    • ‘Matt loved the potable teletypewriter he'd found online.’
    • ‘The invention of the teletypewriter and its development of the teleprinter, linked to the telegraph system, added a further dimension to communications.’
    • ‘Known as teletypewriter, or telecommunications device for the Deaf in the US, this technology allowed Deaf people to communicate with each other by connecting such devices to the phone network.’