Definition of televiewer in English:



  • A person who watches television.

    • ‘That word televiewer, though it sounds a little old fashioned, still turns up from time to time in reference to a person who watches television.’
    • ‘And the show went on and the private eye finally solved the murder, leaving televiewers a little perplexed.’
    • ‘From February 10th, televiewers will get to know the ten candidates throughout short 1 min 15 sec reports.’
    • ‘The televiewers also saw Lee Harvey Oswald, the suspected assassin, at the moment he was shot by Jack Ruby.’
    • ‘He that televiewers are too impulsive, but the professional jury can estimate the future commercial success of acting participants more soberly.’
    • ‘The Customer Care section gives televiewers the opportunity to call with any complaints or suggestions about schools and education.’
    • ‘Mark said the programme will bring televiewers to a completely different world - a world of powerful fairies, brave warriors, lovable and mythical creatures, and ferocious fiends.’
    • ‘Even such a generalized television announcement as ‘Go to Church Sunday’ would be a regular reminder on Saturdays to many televiewers of their church privileges and responsibilities.’
    • ‘Among all the subjects that are planned to be discussed, I can mention music, fashion, culture, and other interest subjects, that the televiewers are going to follow.’
    • ‘There before my eyes was the face that launched a million smiles, touched thousands of lives and made millions of televiewers cry in joy.’