Definition of televiewing in English:


noun & adjective

See televiewer

  • ‘Mothers performed poorly in being ‘able to set limits on amount of child televiewing’ and ‘discussing events seen while watching television with the child.’’
  • ‘Providing exemplars from forms of computing, televiewing, and the Web, he observes: ‘All the sense modalities are active in even the most apparently monosensual activity.’’
  • ‘Basing on this research, we can assume, that televiewing is quite important in the lives of students.’
  • ‘Another effect of televiewing is students’ increasing tendency to enter and leave classrooms at will.’
  • ‘This digest will look at recent research dealing with the relationship between amount of televiewing and reading performance, the effects of televiewing on reading habits and preferences, and how educators can use television to promote reading.’