Definition of tenorino in English:


nounplural noun tenorini/-ˈrēnē/

  • A high tenor.

    ‘It's totally unfair to call him a tenorino.’
    • ‘His exquisite tenorino and cheery temperament turned out to be perfectly suited.’
    • ‘His voice is very different to the high tenorino so frequently required nowadays.’
    • ‘His voice is tenorino, a voice especially suited to the softer passions.’
    • ‘His voice, a very high tenor (called a tenorino), influenced several generations of vocalists.’
    • ‘She has little patience for the inexperienced young man she dismisses as ‘el tenorino’.’
    • ‘The accomplished and popular tenorino of the operetta company gave an afternoon entertainment.’



/ˌtenəˈrēnō/ /ˌtɛnəˈrinoʊ/


Italian, diminutive of tenore ‘tenor’.