Definition of tenotomy in English:



  • The surgical cutting of a tendon, especially as a remedy for club foot.

    ‘A heel cord tenotomy is a minor surgery that can be done in the office and it takes 10-15 minutes.’
    • ‘In flexor tendon tenotomy, a small incision is made behind each toe pad and a section of tendon is removed.’
    • ‘The decision to repair these injuries acutely was based on data from treatment of chronic injury by tenotomy.’
    • ‘She then had a heel cord tenotomy on both feet, followed by casts that were kept on for 3 weeks.’
    • ‘A percutaneous tenotomy of the Achillis tendon is often necessary to completely correct the equinus.’
    • ‘More specialized instruments, such as skin hooks or tenotomy scissors, may be added to the tray, depending on the surgeon's preference.’
    • ‘Care should be taken to use a minimal amount of suture in closing the tenotomy.’



/təˈnädəmē/ /təˈnɑdəmi/


Mid 19th century coined in French from Greek tenōn ‘tendon’ + -tomia (see -tomy).