Definition of tenpin in English:



  • 1A wooden pin used in tenpin bowling.

    ‘Tenpin pinsetting equipment is more expensive and labor intensive than a 5 pin string machine.’
    • ‘I steamed towards my tenpins like a rocket.’
    • ‘It's hard to see 20 wickets falling like tenpins.’
    • ‘He did a nice impression of a bowling ball, knocking off his first nine opponents like so many tenpins.’
    1. 1.1tenpinsNorth American treated as singular Tenpin bowling.
      ‘Canada setting up its own bowling association can only help the sport of tenpins.’
      • ‘He fooled around with plenty of other sports before settling on tenpins as his livelihood.’
      • ‘Five pins was the only game in town until tenpins came along.’
      • ‘They could not bowl a full tenpins game during their lunch hours.’
      • ‘Bowling is not just a game of tenpins but an occasion for conversation.’
      • ‘The sport with the highest profile is tenpins.’
      • ‘He looks back fondly on his tenpin career.’
      • ‘The tenpin center is part of a booming business/entertainment area.’
      • ‘I joined that league partway through the season, and I was hooked on the tenpin game.’
      • ‘Our two sport disciplines, tenpin and ninepin, also have their own business structures.’
      • ‘She became a national celebrity after defeating the greatest tenpin bowler of his day.’
      • ‘He had touched on a topic that bothers some tenpin fans.’
      • ‘Our final exciting finish is one of the most unexpected in tenpin history.’
      • ‘It is one of the very last old-style tenpin alleys.’
      • ‘Five-pin bowling has been popular longer than tenpins has in Canada.’
      • ‘It could be argued that tenpins runs in his veins.’



/ˈtenˌpin/ /ˈtɛnˌpɪn/