Definition of tensioner in English:



See tension

‘If the vehicle rolls, the car triggers the side airbags and seat belt tensioners to help protect occupants.’
  • ‘When his Fiat's cam-belt tensioner began giving problems he solved it - for a time - with the help of an old shopping trolley wheel.’
  • ‘In order to prevent the pipe buckling at the sagbend a horizontal tension was applied to the pipe by tensioners situated on the deck of the vessel.’
  • ‘Make sure that you've threaded it correctly, and that all the tensioners are working properly (I usually spin them all the way in each direction, then re-set them).’
  • ‘An adjustable ratchet, which neither reel has but which the tensioners might help simulate, would of course give you the best of both worlds.’
  • ‘The timing change tensioner for the Porsche Cayenne is actually a plastic assembly, not metal as is often the case.’