Definition of tent caterpillar in English:

tent caterpillar


  • A chiefly American moth caterpillar that lives in groups inside communal silken webs in a tree, which it often defoliates.

    Several species in the family Lasiocampidae, especially Malacosoma americana

    ‘Farms should minimize or eliminate the exposure of pregnant mares to the eastern tent caterpillar.’
    • ‘The forest tent caterpillar is the major pest in hardwood stands, and severe outbreaks were reported in the area during the 20th century.’
    • ‘From the way tent caterpillar nests are proliferating on wild cherry, apple and crabapple trees, cuckoos will be encouraged to raise large families, as those pupae are cuckoos' staple food.’
    • ‘This decrease might be due to severe tent caterpillar outbreaks that are frequently reported in the area.’
    • ‘I've found that tent caterpillars and army webworms come into orchards in spotlike fashion.’
    • ‘In the tent caterpillars of eastern North America, for example, the larval stage lasts eight weeks.’
    • ‘Eastern tent caterpillars and wild black cherry trees are native to Central Kentucky.’
    • ‘It is a known fact that cuckoos' clutch sizes vary with the availability of tent caterpillars.’
    • ‘Their nesting success will depend on whether there is a plentiful supply of tent caterpillars this year or not.’
    • ‘To combat another common pest, tent caterpillars, use a forked branch to wind up the webs and expose the caterpillars to predators.’
    • ‘Wilted cherry leaves also attract eastern tent caterpillars, which were especially abundant in central Kentucky this spring.’
    • ‘Within a month of the outbreak, researchers from the University of Kentucky identified the Eastern tent caterpillars as a likely cause behind the syndrome.’
    • ‘The adult Eastern tent caterpillar is a reddish brown moth with two lighter colored stripes across each wing.’
    • ‘Shortly after the syndrome reached its zenith in early May, scientists identified cyanide poisoning from cherry trees, passed to horses through secretions from Easter tent caterpillars, as a leading suspect in the disease.’
    • ‘Ironically, Roland's work on alpine butterflies and tent caterpillars in patchy environments represents some of the best fieldwork to date on movement and scale.’
    • ‘As the New Yorker writer Renata Adler acerbically puts it, there are those who ‘cannot leave a text intact, eating through it leaf and branch, like tent caterpillars, leaving everywhere their mark’.’
    • ‘While some scientists suspect Eastern tent caterpillars were the cause of MRLS, the exact cause of the disease remains unknown.’


tent caterpillar

/tent ˈkadərˌpilər/ /tɛnt ˈkædərˌpɪlər/