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‘There is no fragility or tenuousness to his character.’
  • ‘But it is right that the tenuousness of the evidence for these widely-accepted ‘Homeric cults' should be brought out.’
  • ‘One of the men vividly expresses the tenuousness of his situation when he says, ‘I feel like I'm in this web, and every time I make a move, the web shakes.’’
  • ‘I will call them ‘contingent faculty’ to draw attention to the most important aspect of their employment relationship: its tenuousness.’
  • ‘Somehow, the thought of being prematurely and permanently separated from one's wife and children, God forbid, makes one more aware of the tenuousness of life.’



/ˈtenyo͞oəsnəs/ /ˈtɛnjuəsnəs/