Definition of teppanyaki in English:



  • A Japanese dish of meat, fish, or both, fried with vegetables on a hot steel plate forming the center of the dining table.

    as modifier ‘the restaurant has ten teppanyaki tables’
    • ‘Patrons carry out their own cooking which differs from say Japanese teppanyaki restaurants where there is a chef to do the work for you.’
    • ‘A large area in the centre of the room was rounded by teppanyaki tables.’
    • ‘The restaurant never cooks frozen or marinated meat on its two large crescent-shaped teppanyaki hot plates, which can sit a total of 28 persons at one time.’
    • ‘A variety of island stations including salads, soups/sandwiches, entrées, pizza, burgers/hot dogs, teppanyaki, and desserts made it so that we never had to queue.’
    • ‘Although there are Japanese teppanyaki grills and business lunches, the buffet is the centerpiece.’
    • ‘‘Ah,’ said Ant, and Rich could practically hear his mental cogs whirring over the splash and sizzle of a nearby teppanyaki table.’
    • ‘Others made teppanyaki at a corner of the restaurant.’



/ˌtepänˈyäkē/ /ˌtɛpɑnˈjɑki/


Japanese, from teppan ‘steel plate’ + yaki ‘to fry, grill, sear’.