Definition of terabyte in English:


(also Tb, TB)

Pronunciation /ˈterəˌbīt/ /ˈtɛrəˌbaɪt/

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  • A unit of information equal to one million million (10¹²) or, strictly, 2⁴⁰ bytes.

    ‘There is an estimated one million terabytes of online information, and this amount is growing with every new web page that is posted.’
    • ‘But midrange and high-end appliances storing gigabytes and terabytes of data require sophisticated backup approaches such as tape libraries.’
    • ‘Those little gray boxes will hold not just gigabytes but terabytes and someday maybe petabytes.’
    • ‘Moving terabytes of data through servers becomes impractical and degrades the overall system.’
    • ‘His network operations center oversees 350 million terabytes of data and a network that keeps engineering humming around the globe.’
    • ‘One terabyte is about 1,000 gigabytes, and most people probably cannot shoot enough digital photos within the next 10 years to fill that kind of space.’
    • ‘We had about a terabyte of digital information already - but we expected to need space for four times that much within 18 months.’