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term paper

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  • A student's lengthy essay on a subject drawn from the work done during a school or college term.

    ‘I was amazed to find it was on the shelves at Brooklyn College when a student there cited it in his term paper.’
    • ‘I put hours of work into a term paper and the only person who knew or cared about the results was the teacher who assigned it.’
    • ‘In the fall of 1965, I was working on a term paper for a geography class at the University of Alaska.’
    • ‘I might have had a bit of an edge going in, since I once wrote a college term paper on the cultural antecedents of Nazi rhetoric.’
    • ‘Sure, you could write a lengthy term paper examining all this in terms of its socio-political implications.’
    • ‘The strangest request came from a woman who was doing a college term paper on exotic dancers and wanted to find out what it felt like to pose for a mock stripper poster.’
    • ‘The plaintiff, a part time business student, did a term paper in a course offered by the University of Ottawa and taught by Professor Lin.’
    • ‘We began like one would approach a term paper - reading books, reports, anything we could find on the Internet, and there was much to see.’
    • ‘I wrote my first term paper, in 10th grade on the subject, and have read a good deal of speculation about the killer's true identity.’
    • ‘Or a student researching a term paper on African cheetahs could be motivated to purchase a Discovery Channel hour on the sleek beasts.’
    • ‘Or the college student who pays a fraternity brother to write his term paper on 17 th-century European history.’
    • ‘About 130 University students cheated on a physics term paper last year, despite the school's strict honor code.’
    • ‘This is more time than I have spent on writing term papers, but with my term paper, only the professor will be reading it and not a host of individuals who have a vested interest in the issue at hand.’
    • ‘If a student took similar liberties with print quotations in a term paper, he would given a serious lecture on the responsibilities of scholarship.’
    • ‘This isn't a term paper for some community college class.’
    • ‘If you wrote a term paper in college and turned it in, you threw out your notes.’
    • ‘I should write a term paper about this, but none of my old professors would care.’
    • ‘Smacking my head suddenly, I blurted, ‘I'm so sorry Keith, I just remembered I was supposed to meet my tutor today to discuss my term paper.’’
    • ‘Aspland kept me after class to discuss my latest mess of a term paper.’
    • ‘Remember you're writing a story, not a term paper.’


term paper

/ˈtərm ˌpāpər/ /ˈtərm ˌpeɪpər/