Definition of termitary in English:


nounplural noun termitaries

another term for termitarium
‘In both these termitaries the palace cavity was six feet below the surface of earth as hard as rock.’
  • ‘The heat generated by the living creatures inside the termitary warms the air, which then rises.’
  • ‘The termite mound, or termitary, consists of hard, thick walls that seal in moisture and keep heat out.’
  • ‘Nests are most often built in decaying tree trunks, but epiphyte root masses and occupied termitaries are also used.’
  • ‘All termite species build nests, also known as termitaries or termitaria, but the specifics of these nests can vary.’
  • ‘That most commonly used for such construction work is obtained from termitaries, because the termites add a secretion which gives it better plasticity.’
  • ‘During the dry season, and beginning of the rainy, they form pairs and fly in small groups that may nest together in old woodpeckers holes or large termitaries.’



/ˈtərməˌterē/ /ˈtərməˌtɛri/