Definition of terpenoid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtərpəˌnoid/ /ˈtərpəˌnɔɪd/


  • Any of a large class of organic compounds including terpenes, diterpenes, and sesquiterpenes. They have unsaturated molecules composed of linked isoprene units, generally having the formula (C₅H₈)n.

    • ‘Many species endemic in Australia are known to synthesize and accumulate significant quantities of volatile terpenoids.’
    • ‘The nectar is sucrose-dominant but also contains low concentrations of glucose, fructose, free amino acids and possibly terpenoids.’
    • ‘Agents used in household cleaning compositions are composed of structurally diverse classes of chemicals, including surface active agents, phenols, and terpenoids.’
    • ‘Because these terpenoids contain many functional groups - mainly unsaturated and saturated aldehydes and ketones - how they exert their antimicrobial activity is not well understood.’
    • ‘However, the vast majority of terpenoids are classified as secondary metabolites, compounds not required for plant growth and development but presumed to have an ecological function in communication or defense.’



/ˈtərpəˌnoid/ /ˈtərpəˌnɔɪd/