Definition of terpolymer in English:


Pronunciation /tərˈpäləmər/ /tərˈpɑləmər/


  • A polymer synthesized from three different monomers.

    ‘Two new maleated terpolymers bond to ‘difficult’ substrates in multilayer packaging.’
    • ‘The blood compatibility of these terpolymers was also investigated.’
    • ‘Low-toxicity bioresorbable terpolymers with shape memory properties are promising new materials for biomedical applications.’
    • ‘These terpolymers can be processed by conventional rubber methods and used in a wide variety of applications, such as shaft seals, extrusion profiles, gaskets, and O-rings.’
    • ‘The terpolymers have exhibited a strain of more than 7% and elastic energy density of more than 1 J / cm 3.’