Definition of terra sigillata in English:

terra sigillata


mass noun
  • 1Astringent clay from Lemnos or Samos, formerly used as a medicine.

    ‘With my first stroke of terra sigillata on a bone-dry greenware porcelain pot I knew this was going to work.’
    ‘Just wondering if anyone had some advice for me about the best stage in greenware to put terra sigillata on.’
  • 2

    another term for Samian ware

    • ‘The production of ‘Samian ware’ (terra sigillata) began at this site at the confluence of the Tarn and Dourbie rivers, near modern Millau, around the end of the first millennium BC.’
    • ‘Derivative forms of terra sigillata include the late Roman Argonne and Marne wares, African red slip ware, and eastern red wares.’
    • ‘The Megarian bowls were the Greek precursors of the later Roman terra sigillata.’
    • ‘95% of the vessels deposited in the graves belongs in a broad framework to the large group of terra sigillata.’


Late Middle English from medieval Latin, literally ‘sealed earth’.


terra sigillata