Definition of Terran in English:


Pronunciation /ˈterən/ /ˈtɛrən/


  • (in science fiction) an inhabitant of the planet Earth.

    ‘Luckily, he was brought up on a small Americanised settlement on Ganymede, and was able to learn more about Earth than most Terrans from his parents.’
    • ‘‘Admiral Snorric doesn't want the Terrans anywhere near either home planet,’ Hadrias said.’
    • ‘The Gaians should be spreading humanity to the stars, not the Terrans - who were better left on Earth, the tired old home world of humanity.’
    • ‘Within days of the attack the Jiddi fleet had been scrambled and was off to Earth, to help the Terrans and to avenge the death of half a million youth.’
    • ‘The Terrans have their home world and the original colony world that they survived on during their exile, both only sparsely populated.’
    • ‘As he crossed home plate, he was reminded that Granger's World, as a Confederate colony, was still a human world, and the Gaians had a lot of the same cultural background as the Terrans in the Republic.’
    • ‘You have forgotten that the Terrans did not expect anyone to be here already.’
    • ‘‘We're also called Terrans by others, if you prefer that,’ said Isobel.’
    • ‘There were several references to humans in the book of Zealot, and I'd found from the medical text they had forwarded that the Terrans called themselves human.’
    • ‘The Terrans were forced to wear breathing masks.’
    • ‘The New Swiss too, being primarily Terrans, had more fealty to their brother and sister Terrans in the Republic than to the Gaians in the Confederacy.’
    • ‘‘The remnants of the fleet will not intercept the Terrans before their ships are in our orbit,’ Illian said.’
    • ‘The physical similarities are so remarkable that the Terrans group the Kzinti and Lyrans together under the same species - Fellian.’
    • ‘He was one of the minority of Terrans - about twenty-five percent of the population of the Republic - actually born on Earth.’
    • ‘Shaai's worries went away, ‘It is always a pleasure to know that the Terrans are still strong.’’
    • ‘I hope to see more Terrans coming to Confederate worlds.’
    • ‘On the other hand, artistically, they created a universe of their own, populated by races like the Vasudans or Shivans along with the human Terrans.’
    • ‘To these aliens we are not Terrans or Gaians, but humans all.’
    • ‘None of the other Atlanteans I have met have had hair any different in colour from that of Terrans - so why is Lake different?’
    • ‘Both sides took advantage of the maneuver, unloading their primary weapons, but again the Terrans had more numbers.’


  • (in science fiction) relating to the planet Earth or its inhabitants.

    ‘The scanner did show the planet's gravitation as being ninety percent Terran norms.’
    • ‘I regret that my readings do not indicate Terran life nearby.’
    • ‘He's not even allowing our people to be transported to New Switzerland for treatment by Terran doctors.’
    • ‘It was only natural for him to attend Terra's highly elite West Point Military Academy, a surviving relic of Terran history dating from the mid nineteenth century Old Era.’
    • ‘Carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane, and several other gases normally poisonous to numerous Terran lifeforms became quite common in the pod's atmosphere.’
    • ‘One of these centuries, maybe the fabled paperless society of ancient Terran fiction would come to be, but in the real world, armies and ships still crossed the stars on paper.’
    • ‘Any ships that attempted to cross into Terran territory were forced to slow to marginal speeds for the duration, allowing any nearby fleets to respond to the threat and confront the enemy.’
    • ‘Moving over to sit next to him, I looked on with fascination as two lines of script, one Terran the other Meggin, scrolled across the screen.’
    • ‘As soon as his two Immolators finished construction, Lethalvos was to pull his Kormorian Fleet out of Conearith orbit, and set a course for Terran space.’
    • ‘The trees looked akin to Terran palm trees, but different.’
    • ‘They were both dressed in the plain, loose white clothes of peaceful contact, the garments worn by diplomatic Terran officials.’
    • ‘By the standards of Terran culture, Bressian is a vile person.’
    • ‘They were definitely wearing Terran issue battle armor, the size and shape of the holo-camouflage was too distinct.’
    • ‘One year before Ulysses's marriage proposal, he was instrumental in designing two new classes of Terran warships.’
    • ‘At least one Terran day, if not more, had now passed since she'd gone up to Space Station Freedom Alpha, in fact.’
    • ‘They needed his strength and decisiveness to protect them from Terran dominion.’
    • ‘To get to Terran territory, we must first transit through several Gaian solar systems.’
    • ‘Lyken's urgency to get back to Terran space had just taken a gigantic leap forward.’
    • ‘He was wearing Terran body armor and had a small device attached to the right side of his head.’
    • ‘Faster than light travel was developed and the first wave of Human expansion began with the settling of the other habitable planets in what would become the Terran sector.’