Definition of terreplein in English:


Pronunciation /ˈterəˌplān/ /ˈtɛrəˌpleɪn/


  • A level space where a battery of guns is mounted.

    ‘Guns usually stood on a flat terreplein, shooting over a wide earth parapet which was intended to absorb incoming fire, although they might also fire through splayed embrasures, or be housed in vaulted casemates on a lower storey.’
    • ‘From behind the grass covered ramparts above, mortars and heavy guns on the surrounding terreplein would provide heavy bombardment against the enemy.’
    • ‘The Medieval walls without flanks and terreplein to resist gunpowder bombardment were easy prey to the besiegers and the fortifications soon succumbed.’
    • ‘This peculiar situation enabled the magazine, etc., to be held at the level of the terrepleins, so that no lifts are required and the service of the guns would be very rapid.’
    • ‘The fortress is a good example of Italian military architecture, with state of the art bastions and terrepleins to resist artillery.’


Late 16th century (denoting a sloping bank behind a rampart): from French terre-plein, from Italian terrapieno ‘filled with earth’.