Definition of terrestrial telescope in English:

terrestrial telescope


  • A telescope that is used for observing terrestrial objects and gives an uninverted image.

    ‘The latter study led to the adaptive optics that now enable terrestrial telescopes to produce ultra-sharp images of distant celestial objects.’
    • ‘A terrestrial telescope with sharply defined markings placed in one of its image planes can be fitted to a weapon to offer magnification of the target and enhance accuracy.’
    • ‘Human exploration of space, the book argues, is gradually being supplanted by a more virtual and more sustainable exploration using robotic spacecraft and terrestrial telescopes.’
    • ‘The recently built Kingsland Observatory contains a very sophisticated terrestrial telescope fitted with three reflectors, two of the larger ones being connected to specialised CCD camera.’
    • ‘My dad had a 50x mag terrestrial telescope - probably still has it - which he occasionally (too occasionally) set up with a clamp on the window sill so we could look at the moon.’


terrestrial telescope

/təˈrestrēəl ˈteləˌskōp/ /təˈrɛstriəl ˈtɛləˌskoʊp/