Definition of terribilità in English:



  • Awesomeness or emotional intensity of conception and execution in an artist or work of art, originally as a quality attributed to Michelangelo by his contemporaries.

    ‘Brown has come up with a new brand of terribilità that may be extrapolated into a sense of the sublime’
    • ‘What the Renaissance called terribilità is not so different from what Burke meant by ‘the sublime.’’
    • ‘The fierce look on David's face was called terribilità, or ‘awesome power,’ and would forever be associated with Michelangelo and his work.’
    • ‘The fiery intensity of David's facial expression is termed terribilità, a feature characteristic of many of Michelangelo's figures and of his own personality.’
    • ‘In the David, Michelangelo first displayed that quality of terribilità, of spirit-quailing, awe-inspiring force, for which he afterwards became so famous.’
    • ‘In imaginative force and outright terribilità, it is quite possibly the most crushing and exhilarating exhibition of work by a 20th century artist ever held in the U.S.’
    • ‘Terribilità is a character-based drama charting the last decade of Michelangelo Buonarroti and his renowned terribilità: terrifying awesomeness.’
    • ‘However, none of his followers matched the emotional intensity, or terribilità, that was a recurrent feature of his own work, giving him within his own lifetime the status of ‘il divino Michelangelo’.’
    • ‘Here in the Last Judgement it is the terribilità that so impressed his contemporaries which dominates Michelangelo's art to the exclusion of all else.’



/ˌterəˌbiləˈtä/ /ˌtɛrəˌbɪləˈtɑ/