Definition of test case in English:

test case

Pronunciation /ˈtes(t) ˌkās/ /ˈtɛs(t) ˌkeɪs/


  • 1Law
    A case that sets a precedent for other cases involving the same question of law.

    ‘this trial could serve as an important test case for the way copyright holders presently pursue alleged infringers’
    • ‘Barristers have drawn up a legal opinion setting out a test case for a high court judicial review of the government's position.’
    • ‘The appellant's action was a test case on which eleven other cases raising the same issues depended.’
    • ‘In the course of his submissions the Solicitor-General referred to this appeal as a test case.’
    • ‘Legal arguments are being prepared for what could become a test case in front of magistrates this month.’
    • ‘I think it's an interesting test case for how this law will be applied.’
    1. 1.1An event, action, etc. that may serve as a guide to the likely outcome of subsequent similar situations.
      ‘the project has become a test case for whether the city can succeed in letting private groups expand their services to the homeless’


test case

/ˈtes(t) ˌkās/ /ˈtɛs(t) ˌkeɪs/