Definition of tetraspore in English:



  • A spore occurring in groups of four, in particular (in a red alga) each of four spores produced together, two of which produce male plants and two female.

    • ‘The haploid tetraspore is released from this filament and is carried by water currents and tides to new locations.’
    • ‘The tetraspores and the gametophytes are the only haploid stages in the coralline algae.’
    • ‘The haploid tetraspores erminate and give rise to haploid gametophytic plants.’
    • ‘From subsequent examination of the shells, he concluded that tetraspore-bearing plants of Polysiphonia violacea had developed from carpospores and sexual plants from tetraspores of Griffithsia bornetiana and Dasya elegans.’
    • ‘These different responses between tetraspores and carpospores, suggest a different ecophysiological response with regard to survival and interspecific competition in nature of the gametophyte vs sporophyte.’