Definition of textual criticism in English:

textual criticism


mass noun
  • The process of attempting to ascertain the original wording of a text.

    • ‘While we can be thankful that the current tenets of textual criticism have produced a text which in most instances reflects the autographs, we should strive for more.’
    • ‘In the previous review, we gave a link to JPH's study of New Testament textual criticism, where the substantial reliability of the NT texts is demonstrated.’
    • ‘Under the heading of inner texture Wachob engages primarily the disciplines of textual criticism and rhetorical criticism.’
    • ‘The Word Biblical Commentary is an academic series that includes a fresh translation from the Hebrew text, textual criticism, review of previous scholarship, and a verse-by-verse commentary.’
    • ‘Goldstein brings together the fruit of extensive research and massive erudition in multiple disciplines, wielding the tools of source, genre, redaction, and textual criticism with masterful force.’
    • ‘With him scientific scholarship really began, and his work covered the wide range of grammatical, etymological, orthographical, literary, and textual criticism.’
    • ‘To these arguments, the rhetorician can now provide additional criterion by which we can assess the plausibility of the argument that these verses are a latter addition to the text-normally a concern of tradition and textual criticism.’
    • ‘In a now classical example of textual criticism, Jacobsen developed the genealogy of all the different variants and reconstructed the most likely original text of the King List in 1939.’
    • ‘Ideological criticism, Ferris argues, arises at that moment when linguistic and textual criticism give way to an urgent concern for political and historical issues.’
    • ‘The critical literature was reviewed and integrated into the text to enhance narrative coherence using textual criticism as the analytical lens.’
    • ‘It should also be pointed out that the science of textual criticism has concluded the New Testament accounts of the death and resurrection of Christ to be good historical eyewitness accounts.’
    • ‘Preachers may be hesitant to open debate about textual criticism from the pulpit, but the suggestion is worth considering.’
    • ‘Housman's strict textual criticism of ancient works contrasted the fanciful approach of his colleagues, who would read in whatever meanings suited them.’
    • ‘His discipline is literary criticism, that strange melange of critical theorising and textual criticism.’
    • ‘Of course, the choice of the texts to which one gave credence was not determined by textual criticism alone.’
    • ‘They enable us to use circumstantial evidence, archaeology, linguistic analysis, and textual criticism to authenticate or disconfirm the veracity of ancient literary documents.’
    • ‘One principle of editing arises from the rich tradition of textual criticism in philology.’
    • ‘Excessively legalistic textual criticism of planning decision letters is something the courts should strongly discourage.’
    • ‘Evangelical dominance, established by 1860, was itself assailed by a younger generation feeding on new evolutionary notions in science and the practices of textual criticism in biblical studies.’
    • ‘As a collection the book is most valuable in illustrating the relative merits of approaching popular culture from the perspective of textual criticism or archivally based historical enquiry.’