Definition of that's that in English:

that's that

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  • There is nothing more to do or say about the matter.

    ‘You can't just throw out your cigarettes one day, wipe your hands and say that's that.’
    • ‘We're doing this because we were ordered to and that's that!’
    • ‘I have developed certain habits and that's that.’
    • ‘I'm just taking the lime they gave me, and that's that.’
    • ‘You bake them and you make a transfer, and that's that.’
    • ‘To be perfectly honest to himself… he missed her and that's that.’
    • ‘They want private accounts, big benefit cuts, and massive borrowing to finance the transition costs, and that's that.’
    • ‘They do a blood test, say my thyroid's normal and that's that.’
    • ‘I have known this gentleman for many years and have always accepted the fact that his success has come through sheer hard work - and that's that!’
    • ‘When needed, the marines gather together enough battalions and brigades to form a division and that's that.’