Definition of Thatcherism in English:



  • The political and economic policies advocated by the former British Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, particularly those involving the privatization of nationalized industries and trade union legislation.

    ‘an outspoken critic of Thatcherism’
    • ‘It was said in the 1980s that local government was the bulwark against Thatcherism.’
    • ‘Distancing himself from Thatcherism, he declared that there was such a thing as society.’
    • ‘He exemplifies the pragmatic aspects of Thatcherism.’
    • ‘The era of Thatcherism and Reaganism has kind of run its course.’
    • ‘The Scottish Conservatives struggled to overcome the legacy of Thatcherism.’



/ˈTHaCHəˌriz(ə)m/ /ˈθætʃəˌrɪz(ə)m/