Definition of the beautiful people in English:

the beautiful people

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  • 1Fashionable, glamorous, and privileged people.

    ‘Is it only the feeling of the rich, the affluent, the elite, the beautiful people, the upper classes and the rising middle classes?’
    • ‘From time to time, it's fun to have a night out in a glamorous place filled with beautiful people and the cash doesn't really matter.’
    • ‘The E went from illustrating backwater strip mall mentality to a symbol of the New York elite, the beautiful people.’
    • ‘I've been coming here since it first opened and the crowd was a classy mix of well heeled expats, fashionable Thais and a lot of beautiful people.’
    • ‘DJs Yovan and Platine will make the beautiful people bust a move as of 8 p.m. at this upper-Main party, which promises tapas.’
    • ‘That distinction goes to the deluge of brainless stories about high life and high society and the branding of beautiful people as experts on everything under the sun.’
    • ‘In society, he was part of high society, and rubbed elbows with the beautiful people of the world.’
    • ‘Our table was surrounded by a lot of beautiful people in typically garish Russian fashion which made for interesting people watching.’
    • ‘During my most recent visit, a friend commented that the real decor was all the beautiful people that were packed into the place.’
    • ‘There are other similarities with its London cousin - the bar-restaurant-rooms combination; the concentration of beautiful people.’
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  • 2(in the 1960s) hippies.

    ‘It's by Bill Gibb, the farm boy from Buchan who grew up to become the darling of the beautiful people in the late 1960s and '70s, and who is about to have his fashion moment again.’
    • ‘Then in came the beautiful people on four motorcycles, right into the ballroom, oozing with flower-power.’
    • ‘These were the beautiful people; the In-Crowd in which the Beatles sing about in "Baby You're a Rich Man".’