Definition of the big idea in English:

the big idea


mainly ironic
  • A clever or important intention or plan.

    ‘okay, what's the big idea?’
    • ‘If ever there was a big idea translated into policy by a president that was it.’
    • ‘No doubt the plans for a regional parliament another bureaucratic big idea will bring even more burden to the over-stretched taxpayer.’
    • ‘The big idea here is to pay attention when watching.’
    • ‘Forget the music, it is the journey that's the big idea.’
    • ‘Its pastel-colour palette and cutout design was impressive because it managed to turn a relatively small space into a big idea.’
    • ‘His big idea, the one that will stay with me, is this: never trust a politician - or a political system - that you cannot get rid of.’
    • ‘The Party can then look forward to another term on the opposition benches, waiting, no doubt, for the next big idea.’
    • ‘A successful government has to convert the country to its own big idea.’
    • ‘So a change in format will be the big idea that turns things around?’
    • ‘And what's the big idea of having a curfew at the hostel, locking the doors at midnight?’