Definition of the bottom falls out in English:

the bottom falls out

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(also the bottom drops out)
  • Used to refer to the sudden collapse or failure of something.

    ‘the bottom fell out of the market for classic cars’
    • ‘It's not like he signs it and the bottom falls out of the market.’
    • ‘Consumer confidence edged lower for the last three months, but the level of confidence remains strong and that's probably going to continue, unless the bottom falls out of the labor market.’
    • ‘Without that the bottom falls out of our value system and invites nihilism.’
    • ‘That's because historically, the bottom falls out of the new car market after it has had two record sales years.’
    • ‘Otherwise you become overwhelmed and the bottom drops out.’
    • ‘Then, predictably, the bottom drops out of Jamal's career.’
    • ‘In the modern professionalized situation, the bottom drops out of small-group reciprocal altruism.’
    • ‘You settle into a routine, and you go along like that for years, but then, suddenly, the bottom drops out from under you?’
    • ‘That doesn't much prepare you for when the bottom drops out, though, and it does with a mighty yawn.’
    • ‘I guess the bottom drops out when her perfect life doesn't come out exactly like she wants it.’