Definition of the buck stops with someone in English:

the buck stops with someone


(also the buck stops here)
  • The responsibility for something cannot or should not be passed to someone else.

    • ‘when you are a minister, the buck stops with you’
    • ‘in the past you could spread the blame, but now the buck stops here’
    • ‘Those people that are trying to shift focus should realize what Harry Truman said a long time ago, the buck stops here.’
    • ‘We are all to blame tonight, but I signed the players and I suppose the buck stops with me.’
    • ‘‘I'm the compliance officer, so you're right, the buck stops here in the end,’ she said.’
    • ‘Surely the public is entitled to know, because the buck stops here, where the votes are.’
    • ‘When the buck stops here - when you're responsible for the ultimate shareholder value - you've got to take 10 or 30 or 100 variables into consideration.’
    • ‘Nor has he shown any inclination to properly organize his economic troops, or to deal with the fact that the buck stops with the chief executive.’
    • ‘‘Since we provide the funding and oversight for the agency, the buck stops here,’ said Mr. Hollings.’
    • ‘He's also willing, more often than not, to stand up and do a Harry Truman, take positions, and say the buck stops here.’
    • ‘He hasn't taken a leadership role to say, ‘Yes, the buck stops here.’’
    • ‘‘The controllers are all highly trained and they will handle all the aircraft passing through our airspace but, ultimately I am the general manager so the buck stops here’, he said.’