Definition of the common good in English:

the common good

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  • The benefit or interests of all.

    ‘it is time our elected officials stood up for the common good’
    • ‘Any such move would be ‘in the interests of the common good of the local community’.’
    • ‘She felt, in the interest of the common good, the area should be retained as a green area.’
    • ‘We must show our commitment to the common good, which is bigger than any person or any party.’
    • ‘We have to remember that fundamental social problems grow out of a lack of commitment to the common good.’
    • ‘Laws protecting the common good are now running to catch up with private interest.’
    • ‘If I desire the common good, it is for the benefit of my religion or my country or my republic.’
    • ‘A country is a group of people who have realised they have enough in common to band together for the common good.’
    • ‘Mr Mahon noted that the trustees of the site put the common good to the forefront and promised them a development they could be proud of.’
    • ‘At present they are making too many sacrifices for the common good.’
    • ‘I view our relationship as one of strong allies and friends working together for the common good.’