Definition of the dead of winter in English:

the dead of winter


  • The coldest part of winter.

    ‘golf can be an unpleasant experience in the dead of winter’
    • ‘Since burials could not be performed in the dead of winter, gravestone orders were probably not placed during the winter, creating a seasonal decline in income that had to be filled by other work, such as smithing.’
    • ‘I took two trips to Russia in the dead of winter.’
    • ‘In the dead of winter, he'll cross between Alaska and Russia via the frozen Bering Strait, perhaps braving temperatures of 80 degrees below zero.’
    • ‘I've been to Yosemite National Park at least half a dozen times since I was a kid, but I've never gone there in the dead of winter.’
    • ‘I nearly caught frostbite at an Oslo bus stop in the dead of winter.’
    • ‘Even in the dead of winter, the scenic vistas of the snow-capped fjords enchanted me.’
    • ‘Finally, in what should be the dead of winter but isn't, the soil is workable enough for Rick and I to give it a thorough digging.’
    • ‘I used to stand outside in the dead of winter, waiting for the mailman to come down the block.’
    • ‘It was the dead of winter and there was snow on the ground and sheets of ice on the Rhone.’
    • ‘Not all hunting seasons are held in the dead of winter.’