Definition of the deal in English:

the deal


  • The situation or state of affairs.

    ‘what's the deal with you and that guy?’
    ‘big double standards exist, but he knows the deal’
    • ‘In what I thought was a pretty charming way, I asked them what the deal with the buzzing was.’
    • ‘What's the deal with Austin then, sounds pretty mad?’
    • ‘Here's the deal with the show.’
    • ‘Gamblers feel smarter than they are because that's the deal; the drinks are always free in a casino, and no one calls you on your self-delusions.’
    • ‘Okay folks here is the deal.’
    • ‘Just what is the deal with those recurring headaches, or Maria's sketchy past?’
    • ‘Here's the deal: organizations are keeping their finances in order and students can hold them to it by paying attention.’
    • ‘If we want fresh juices, we must understand the first rule of juicing: cleaning the juicer is an unavoidable part of the deal.’
    • ‘Everyone else on tour knew the deal with Michael except Jessica.’
    • ‘So what's the deal with you and Eric?’
    • ‘What's the deal with your parents? Are they married or divorced?’