Definition of the early hours in English:

the early hours

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  • The time after midnight and before dawn.

    ‘the bar stays open until the early hours’
    • ‘You were expected to party until the early hours and then be up first thing in the morning to sort out any problems.’
    • ‘The seaside town was more than 70 miles away and they did not arrive until the early hours.’
    • ‘They complained of noise nuisance until the early hours of the morning and of litter.’
    • ‘Three more city centre night spots in York could soon open until the early hours every day of the week.’
    • ‘That evening a dance was held which did not finish until the early hours of the morning.’
    • ‘The ripples of celebration spread across Japan and lasted until the early hours.’
    • ‘The first person arrived shortly before midnight, and others came in the early hours.’
    • ‘He rang back again two hours later, which was in the early hours of the morning over there.’
    • ‘He set off in the early hours of one morning and finished in the small hours of the next.’
    • ‘That is the nature of the game and it tends to go on into the early hours.’