Definition of the fog of war in English:

the fog of war


  • Confusion caused by the chaos of war or battle.

    ‘he argues that the fog of war clouded everyone's judgement’
    • ‘Once again the strategic goal of a two-state solution is obscured by the fog of war.’
    • ‘The second section of the film takes place in the fog of war.’
    • ‘In real-time, counter-terrorism has its own equivalent of the fog of war.’
    • ‘Such an error might have been the sort of misunderstanding which arises in the fog of war.’
    • ‘The question of being interrogated at gunpoint under a threat of shooting could be excused under the fog of war.’
    • ‘For the moment at least, things remain shrouded by the fog of war.’
    • ‘How they died is not always clear in the Department of Defense releases or in the fog of war on the ground.’
    • ‘He deceived us, or he wasn't clairvoyant in the fog of war.’
    • ‘Disastrous judgments in battle are often attributed to the fog of war.’
    • ‘In many ways, we are not going to be entirely happy with the implications of lifting the fog of war.’