Definition of the free world in English:

the free world


  • The noncommunist countries of the world, as formerly opposed to the Soviet bloc.

    ‘Our candidate is a good and decent man who has trained all his life to be the leader of the free world.’
    • ‘There are many politicians in the free world who favor seemingly pragmatic cooperation with repressive regimes.’
    • ‘If the president of the United States really does think he's the leader of the free world, then the free world should have a say in who gets the job.’
    • ‘It was a contest of conviction, of whether the free world was prepared to protect and encourage democratic values.’
    • ‘Our nation and the rest of the free world have traveled far too long down the wrong road.’
    • ‘It was rightly condemned in the free world, leading to sanctions and boycotts.’
    • ‘Whether you're running for a local council or to lead the free world, it seems the lessons are the same.’
    • ‘After 12 years of defiance, he refused to comply with the demands of the free world.’
    • ‘The stakes for the security of the free world are too high.’
    • ‘The age-old debate on censorship in the so-called free world has returned to the headlines.’