Definition of the Good Shepherd in English:

the Good Shepherd

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  • A name for Jesus.

    ‘In these cases, he urged the superiors to follow the example of Jesus the Good Shepherd, who left ninety-nine of his flock on the mountains to go in search of the one sheep that had strayed.’
    • ‘Through his meditation, John came to see Jesus as the Bread of Life, the Good Shepherd, and the Light of the World - all of the messages that made their way into the gospel that bears his name.’
    • ‘It is for people who commit themselves to following the lead that Jesus, the Good Shepherd, gives.’
    • ‘And this way he became one with Christ, the Good Shepherd who loves his sheep.’
    • ‘This is a heart-warming and informative little book - it throbs with the author's love of the Good Shepherd, and is richly illuminated by the author's own knowledge of sheep.’
    • ‘Let us allow the Good Shepherd to care for us and through us to bring God's love to others in the world.’
    • ‘Those who hear in his admonitions the voice of the Good Shepherd will accept rebuke with joyful gratitude.’
    • ‘This typical Roman bucolic subject was, of course, adapted by early Christian artists to portray Christ the Good Shepherd.’
    • ‘There is something to be said for being gathered rather than founded; and to be gathered together by the Good Shepherd, who knows us by name, and who protects us as the shepherd and guardian of our souls, is a cause for thanksgiving.’
    • ‘The text that was assigned to me at the enthronement in the evening was this very text about the Good Shepherd, and it was wonderful.’


    With biblical allusion to John 10:1–16.