Definition of the joker in the pack in English:

the joker in the pack


  • A person or factor likely to have an unpredictable effect on events.

    ‘the joker in the pack is, of course, the political situation’
    • ‘Denmark's centre-right Dansk Folkeparti, the joker in the pack, made huge gains in last year's elections, winning 22 seats in the 179-seat parliament, but its views are less extreme than those of its European counterparts.’
    • ‘Cathy Weber draws on her love of the intricate workings of the natural world while Larry Pirnie is the joker in the pack, with an expressive style which mixes yesterday's fantasies and today's realities in a whimsical manner.’
    • ‘I've always been an extrovert, the joker in the pack,’ he admits.’
    • ‘Completing the line-up is Aroyo, the joker in the pack, who talks about their shared sense of humour as being like a ‘donkey-powered comedy train’.’
    • ‘Though clearly not a man lacking in depth of character, he has come to be recognised as the joker in the pack in the Irish camp,’
    • ‘Newer ones are there and as usual I am the joker in the pack by being my own worst enemy, but those are minor niggles that can always be worked out between good friends.’
    • ‘But watch the joker in the pack (the Democratic and independent vote in California).’
    • ‘He has transformed the Boks from the joker in the pack of world rugby to the ace.’
    • ‘But to my mind, the joker in the pack remains the possibility of a local Benguela El Nino.’
    • ‘‘We stayed in Folkestone and David Holt and Steve Taylor were the jokers in the pack,’ he said.’