Definition of the moment — in English:

the moment —


  • As soon as —

    ‘the heavens opened the moment we left the house’
    • ‘These tactics protect the military's house of cards for a while but it collapses the moment the principal actor is removed.’
    • ‘In fact, I said yes immediately, the moment that Mum had finished speaking, the moment the question mark had left her mouth.’
    • ‘James sat waiting, and the moment his gaze caught hers she ran into his arms.’
    • ‘The moment my exams were over, I put down the Shakespeare and Chaucer, and started reading trashy horror novels.’
    • ‘Pray that nobody remembers the countless rockers who signed away their souls on recording contracts and were dumped the moment their sales slipped.’
    • ‘Whatever the reason, we went out like lights the moment our heads touched our pillows and woke only when we heard the clatter of coffee cups outside our room.’
    • ‘Dogs and cats instinctively know the moment their owners will wake up.’
    • ‘Let us hope that, as of today, drivers will tighten their seat belts the moment their cars begin to move.’
    • ‘He was summoned into action the moment his plane landed.’
    • ‘Mothers are, of course, notorious for clearing your most favourite possessions out of your bedroom the moment your back is turned.’