Definition of the new black in English:

the new black

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  • 1A color that is currently so popular that it rivals the traditional status of black as the most reliably fashionable color.

    ‘brown is the new black this season’
    • ‘Green goes mainstream: Last year, coming in at No. 3, was "Green is the new black" being green was trendy.’
    • ‘Let me enlighten you, dear: Orange is the new black. "’
    • ‘Or maybe white has always been the new black.’
    • ‘I guess its true what they say: pink is the new black.’
    • ‘Where I lived, black was the new black every season.’
    • ‘Listen to me, Megan: brown was the new black like, four years ago.’
    • ‘Much like "red is the new black," this season look for two more trends to stand out on the credit catwalk.’
    • ‘He says this holiday season green is the new black.’
    • ‘White, it seems, is the new black.’
    • ‘You heard it here first: silver is the new black.’
    1. 1.1Something which is suddenly extremely popular or fashionable.
      ‘retro sci-fi is the new black’
      • ‘Seems to me like sex industry blogging is the new black.’
      • ‘Middle Aged women baring breasts are the new black.’
      • ‘Like I said earlier, knitting is the new black.’
      • ‘Chick peas are the new black, you know.’
      • ‘Spread betting is the new black in the betting world.’
      • ‘They are sick to death of liberals telling them that gay is the new black.’
      • ‘Simply put, choice has become the most important word in British politics; it is the new black.’
      • ‘Shopping, it seems, is the new black.’
      • ‘Complaining to blog owners is the new black.’
      • ‘Scary films about aeroplanes are the new black.’