Definition of the one in English:

the one


  • A person regarded as one's destined life partner.

    • ‘it sounds corny, but I think he's the one’
    • ‘Some people never meet the one.’
    • ‘In other words, my philosophy (and recently confirmed with the women) is that you may miss out on one person you think is the one, but hey, there are others out there that may even better.’
    • ‘Well, I thought she could really (I mean it) be the one.’
    • ‘He told his MOM that he thought I was the one.’
    • ‘It can't be easy getting all tarted up a couple of times a week in the hope that your blind date could be the one.’
    • ‘Well why not, we believe in horoscopes and fortune tellers and any mumbo jumbo people tell us about meeting THE ONE.’
    • ‘Just continue to live your life, being receptive to the idea of running into the one when you least expect it.’
    • ‘How the heck do you know if the one you love IS THE ONE?’
    • ‘Tell her that although she's beautiful, funny, clever, sexy, adorable, loving, kind etc. etc., she's just not "THE ONE".’
    • ‘If she really is THE ONE, as Charles would say, I have to get this right.’
    • ‘I admit that I had plans for Scott, I really thought that he might be the one, because he's such a nice guy and I couldn't ask for anything more.’