Definition of the other day (or night, week, etc.) in English:

the other day (or night, week, etc.)


  • A few days (or nights, weeks, etc.) ago.

    • ‘I came across this article the other week and checked out the night sky every so often since.’
    • ‘I picked up a copy of the book by chance the other day, and started reading it last night.’
    • ‘You know the wheel that my hubcap went missing from the other week?’
    • ‘He's saying that the prisoner issue wasn't that important until just the other week.’
    • ‘I understood it even less after your word of explanation the other week.’
    • ‘We still keep in touch with each other - I visited one only the other week, while on holiday in the Shetland Isles.’
    • ‘I think I forgot to mention that the club editor called me the other week to say he loved the idea and promised to try for a feature if we do another one.’
    • ‘When I bought the car the other week, I knew that one of the problems was that the heater motor didn't work correctly.’
    • ‘I dragged the photo albums down from the attic the other week and I have been looking through them for suitable scans.’
    • ‘So, as advised the other week, tighten those lower abdominal muscles and suck in that belly.’