Definition of theatrically in English:


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  • 1In an exaggerated and excessively dramatic manner.

    ‘he clasps his chest and sighs theatrically’
    • ‘Behind her stood a striking trio of theatrically shady characters.’
    • ‘The author never loses sight of the delicate reality at the center of his character's almost theatrically tragic life.’
    • ‘The paintings strike a nerve; they left me feeling uncomfortable, as if I were witnessing something essentially private, like mourning, made theatrically public.’
    • ‘The management office looks out theatrically over the city through a framed window.’
    • ‘The accuser passionately addresses the court with an arm flung theatrically backward toward the passive defendant.’
  • 2In a way that relates to acting, the theater, or the movies.

    ‘a theatrically trained actor’
    • ‘a theatrically staged mass meeting’
    • ‘the picture will be released theatrically next year’
    • ‘To my knowledge, neither movie was released theatrically in the United States.’
    • ‘Renaissance theaters had been designed to resemble theatrically successful spaces in banquet halls.’
    • ‘His persona is by turns clueless, sly and naughty, meekly desperate, monstrously infantile and always theatrically aware of his audience.’
    • ‘He plays his part a little too theatrically for its own good.’
    • ‘I didn't see the movie in the theatres, so I can't comment if the sound mix was like that theatrically.’



/THēˈatrək(ə)lē/ /θiˈætrək(ə)li/