Definition of Thematic Apperception Test in English:

Thematic Apperception Test


  • A projective test designed to reveal a person's social drives or needs by their interpretation of a series of pictures of emotionally ambiguous situations.

    ‘A thematic apperception test may be defined in terms of the historical context in which it was developed; in terms of a comparison with other thematic apperception tests for child assessment; in terms of the way in which the test response is conceptualized; and in terms of the instrument's position on various dimensions that may be used to characterize a psychological instrument.’
    • ‘First, psychometrically based test instruments such as Wechsler-Bellevue and the Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory, as well as projective techniques, such as the Rorschach and thematic apperception tests, were neither psychometrically formulated nor clinically constructed for the adversarial procedure.’
    • ‘The trainers helped the participants consider the demands of their job for achievement-oriented performance, their goals, and the level of achievement motivation revealed in their thematic apperception tests.’
    • ‘The earliest such measures were in essence disguised self-reports (e.g., thematic apperception tests) or behavioral observations from which researchers inferred an underlying attitude or motive.’


Thematic Apperception Test

/THəˈmadik ˌapərˈsepSHən test/ /θəˈmædɪk ˌæpərˈsɛpʃən tɛst/