Definition of then and there in English:

then and there

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  • Immediately.

    ‘she made up her mind then and there’
    • ‘Will made up his mind then and there, that no matter what, he needed to keep himself alive.’
    • ‘He informed me that all I had to do was complete a form right then and there, and I would be added to the voters' list.’
    • ‘I decided then and there that, as far as relationships went, e-mail was just great.’
    • ‘If there had been silence and a hint of awkward shifting, I would have stopped right then and there.’
    • ‘He decided then and there that he was going to live on that beach one day.’
    • ‘Call me fussy and prudish, but I realised then and there that the relationship would not survive the evening.’
    • ‘It was emotional for both of us, and we decided then and there to do what we could to help find a cure.’
    • ‘I resolved then and there that I would fly one day in that magnificent plane.’
    • ‘After many arguments, we decided to vote then and there for a new leader.’
    • ‘Photographers and their clients can view and select images then and there.’
    immediately, at once, straight away, right away, instantaneously, suddenly, abruptly, all of a sudden, on the instant, at a stroke, forthwith, then and there, there and then, here and now, that minute, this minute, that very minute, this very minute, that instant, this instant